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Overview of Artists Exhibitions


Artists who contributed to the flower-and-bird art of Japan differed in a number of ways, including (1) their fame and influence on others, (2) their sex (i.e., male versus female), (3) their picture designs, (4) their print output and (5) their method of printmaking and painting. Each of these differences is explored in one, or more, of the following virtual exhibitions:






Exhibition Title

Fame and influence on others

● Ten Influential Japanese Flower-and-Bird Printmakers

    PDF   HTML


● Distinguished Artist Anthologies

    PDF   HTML


● Koson’s Prints ... but not in the book

    PDF   HTML


● Misattributed Japanese Bird Prints Sold by the Shima

    Art Company    PDF   HTML


● Japanese Flower-and-Bird Prints by Mysterious Artists

    PDF   HTML


● Japanese flower-bird prints by related artists

    PDF   HTML



● Bird Prints by Female Japanese Artists

    PDF    HTML


Picture designs

● Designers of EDGY Japanese Bird Prints

    PDF   HTML


● Moonlit Birds Drawn by 30 Japanese Artists

    PDF   HTML


● 12 Artists' Informative Floral Art

    PDF   HTML


Print output

● Japanese woodblock prints of flowers and birds

    by one hundred artists    PDF   HTML


Method of printmaking and painting

● Japanese Bird Art, 1950 to present day


     Part 1 Woodblock prints by 100 artists    PDF   HTML


     Part 2 Intaglio prints by 85 artists    PDF   HTML


     Part 3 Screenprints by 68 artists    PDF   HTML


     Part 4 Lithographic prints by 86 artists    PDF   HTML


     Part 5 Digital prints by 5 artists    PDF   HTML


     Part 6 Shikishi by 50 artists    PDF   HTML




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