During the mid-1900s Bakufū designed more than forty woodblock prints of flowers and (or) birds. Print size ranged from small (110 x 175 mm) through medium (200 x 250 mm) to large (260 x 390 mm). This gallery includes four examples of the small prints (prints 1-4), six examples of the medium sized prints (prints 5-10) and five examples of the large prints (prints 11-15). Click on a picture to enlarge it. As print size increased so did the accuracy with which the flowers and birds were drawn. To see more prints by Bakufū click here.

photo_small.jpg photo2_small.jpg photo3_small.jpg photo4_small.jpg photo5_small.jpg
photo6_small.jpg photo7_small.jpg photo8_small.jpg photo9_small.jpg photo10_small.jpg
photo11_small.jpg photo12_small.jpg photo13_small.jpg photo14_small.jpg photo15_small.jpg

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