This GALLERY shows pictures drawn by the artists listed below, each of whom included a modest number of flower and (or) bird pictures in a picture book. Artists are arranged alphabetically on two pages ([1] and [2]). Click on a picture to enlarge it.

[1] Akira Shirahama, Kihō Kawamura, Kōtei Fukui, Mannen Suzuki; [2] Motonaga Nakajima, Raijirō Ichikawa, Shōun Yamamoto

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kk_small.jpg kk1_small.jpg kk2_small.jpg kk3_small.jpg kk4_small.jpg
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kf_small.jpg kf1_small.jpg kf2_small.jpg kf3_small.jpg kf4_small.jpg
kf5_small.jpg kf6_small.jpg kf7_small.jpg photo2_small.jpg photo3_small.jpg
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