Yasuko calls her art prints multicolor eraser prints. Instead of carving a print’s design on blocks of wood, as in traditional Japanese printmaking, Yasuko uses rubber erasers. Flowers and (or) birds are two of her favorite picture subjects and twenty-six examples are show below. Click of a picture to enlarge it. For some pictures (e.g., 1-6) Yasuko draws her flower and bird subjects in a true-to-life way while for others (e.g., 7-18) she is more creative.

photo_small.jpg photo2_small.jpg photo3_small.jpg photo4_small.jpg photo5_small.jpg
photo6_small.jpg photo7_small.jpg photo8_small.jpg photo9_small.jpg photo10_small.jpg
photo11_small.jpg photo12_small.jpg photo13_small.jpg photo14_small.jpg photo15_small.jpg
photo16_small.jpg photo17_small.jpg photo18_small.jpg photo19_small.jpg photo20_small.jpg
photo21_small.jpg photo22_small.jpg photo23_small.jpg photo24_small.jpg photo25_small.jpg

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