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Bird Prints History


     Published by the Reader Collection, Ontario, Canada, 2014

     ISBN 978-0-9937035-1-5






digital printmaking

gendai: accuracy of depiction

gendai: bird species chosen

gendai: notable artists

gendai: picture composition

gendai: picture format

gendai: printmaking method

intaglio printmaking

lithograph printmaking

screen-stencil printmaking

shin hanga: accuracy of depiction

shin hanga: bird species chosen

shin hanga: notable artists

shin hanga: picture composition

shin hanga: picture format

shin hanga: printmaking method

social forces

ukiyo-e: accuracy of depiction

ukiyo-e: bird species chosen

ukiyo-e: notable artists

ukiyo-e: picture composition

ukiyo-e: picture format

ukiyo-e: printmaking method

woodblock printmaking




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