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Faba bean see Fabaceae Family

Fairy-bluebird see Irenidae Family

Falcon see Falconidae Family

False aster see Asteraceae Family

False cypress see Cupressaceae Family

False lily-of-the-valley see Liliaceae Family

False snowparsley see Apiaceae Family

Fan columbine see Ranunculaceae Family

Fatsia see Araliaceae Family

Fern see Woodsiaceae Family

Field horsetail see Equisetaceae Family

Finch see Estrildidae Family

Finch see Fringillidae Family

Fireback see Phasianidae Family

Fireweed see Onagraceae Family

Fish-owl see Strigidae Family

Fiveleaf akebia see Lardizabalaceae Family

Fiveleaf azalea see Ericaceae Family

Five-leaf cork azalea see Ericaceae Family

Floating-heart see Menyanthaceae Family

Florist's chrysanthemum see Asteraceae Family

Flycatcher see Muscicapidae Family

Forest-poppy see Papaveraceae Family

Forsythia see Oleaceae Family

Fowl see Phasianidae Family

Foxtail millet see Poaceae Family

Francolin see Phasianidae Family

Fringed pink see Caryophyllaceae Family

Fritillary see Liliaceae Family

Frogbit see Hydrocharitaceae Family

Fuchsia see Onagraceae Family

Fukien orchid see Orchidaceae Family

Fuzzy beauty-berry see Verbenaceae Family

Gallinule see Rallidae Family

Gampi see Caryophyllaceae Family

Gardenia see Rubiaceae Family

Gentian see Gentianaceae Family

Geranium see Geraniaceae Family

Gesneria see Gesneriaceae Family

Giant butterbur see Asteraceae Family

Glacier-lily see Liliaceae Family

Gladiolus see Iridaceae Family

Globe amaranth see Amaranthaceae Family

Globeflower see Ranunculaceae Family

Goering's cymbidium see Orchidaceae Family

Gold-billed magpie see Corvidae Family

Goldcrest see Regulidae Family

Golden eagle see Accipitridae Family

Golden pheasant see Phasianidae Family

Golden-rayed lily see Liliaceae Family

Goose see Anatidae Family

Goshawk see Accipitridae Family

Gouldian finch see Estrildidae Family

Gourd see Cucurbitaceae Family

Grape see Vitaceae Family

Grass see Poaceae Family

Grass-leaf sweet-flag see Acoraceae Family

Gray bunting see Emberizidae Family

Gray heron see Ardeidae Family

Gray wagtail see Motacillidae Family

Gray-headed lapwing see Charadriidae Family

Great bittern see Ardeidae Family

Great burnet see Rosaceae Family

Great egret see Ardeidae Family

Great tit see Paridae Family

Greater bird-of-paradise see Paradisaeidae Family

Greater flamingo see Phoenicopteridae Family

Greater painted-snipe see Rostratulidae Family

Greater patrinia see Valerianaceae Family

Greater-necklaced laughingthrush see Timaliidae Family

Greater-spotted woodpecker see Picidae Family

Grebe see Podicipedidae Family

Green bristle grass see Poaceae Family

Green peafowl see Phasianidae Family

Green pheasant see Phasianidae Family

Green-backed tit see Paridae Family

Greenfinch see Fringillidae Family

Green-winged teal see Anatidae Family

Grosbeak see Fringillidae Family

Ground laurel see Ericaceae Family

Ground orchid see Orchidaceae Family

Gull see Laridae Family

Hall crabapple see Rosaceae Family

Hanging-parrot see Psittacidae Family

Hardy begonia see Begoniaceae Family

Hawfinch see Fringillidae Family

Hawk see Accipitridae Family

Hawk-cuckoo see Cuculidae Family

Hawk-owl see Strigidae Family

Hawthorn see Rosaceae Family

Heavenly bamboo see Berberidaceae Family

Hellebore see Liliaceae Family

Hen see Phasianidae Family

Heron see Ardeidae Family

Hibiscus see Malvaceae Family

Highbush cranberry see Caprifoliaceae Family

Hill myna see Sturnidae Family

Himalayan snowcock see Phasianidae Family

Hinoki false cypress see Cupressaceae Family

Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo see Cuculidae Family

Hollyhock see Malvaceae Family

Honeysuckle see Caprifoliaceae Family

Hō-ō see Phasianidae Family

Hoopoe see Upupidae Family

Horse-chestnut see Sapindaceae Family

Horsetail see Equisetaceae Family

Hummingbird see Trochilidae Family

Hyacinth bean see Fabaceae Family

Hyacinth macaw see Psittacidae Family

Hydrangea see Hydrangeaceae Family

Ibis see Threskiornithidae Family

Ilex see Aquifoliaceae Family

Impatiens see Balsaminaceae Family

Indian chrysanthemum see Asteraceae Family

Indian peafowl see Phasianidae Family

Indian-shot see Cannaceae Family

Iris see Iridaceae Family

Japanese accentor see Prunellidae Family

Japanese andromeda see Ericaceae Family

Japanese azalea see Ericaceae Family

Japanese banana see Musaceae Family

Japanese beech see Fagaceae Family

Japanese bindweed see Convolvulaceae Family

Japanese bittersweet see Celastraceae Family

Japanese buckwheat see Polygonaceae Family

Japanese bunching onion see Liliaceae Family

Japanese bush-warbler see Sylviidae Family

Japanese buttercup see Ranunculaceae Family

Japanese cedar see Taxodiaceae Family

Japanese chestnut see Fagaceae Family

Japanese cornel see Cornaceae Family

Japanese cowslip see Primulaceae Family

Japanese creeper see Vitaceae Family

Japanese cudweed see Asteraceae Family

Japanese dodder see Convolvulaceae Family

Japanese eurya see Theaceae Family

Japanese grosbeak see Fringillidae Family

Japanese ground laurel see Ericaceae Family

Japanese honeysuckle see Caprifoliaceae Family

Japanese iris see Iridaceae Family

Japanese kadsura see Schisandraceae Family

Japanese kerria see Rosaceae Family

Japanese knotweed see Polygonaceae Family

Japanese laurel see Cornaceae Family

Japanese maple see Aceraceae Family

Japanese morning glory see Convolvulaceae Family

Japanese paradise-flycatcher see Monarchidae Family

Japanese persimmon see Ebenaceae Family

Japanese plum see Rosaceae Family

Japanese primrose see Primulaceae Family

Japanese privet see Oleaceae Family

Japanese quail see Phasianidae Family

Japanese red pine see Pinaceae Family

Japanese robin see Muscicapidae Family

Japanese rose see Rosaceae Family

Japanese rowan see Rosaceae Family

Japanese spiraea see Rosaceae Family

Japanese stewartia see Theaceae Family

Japanese thimbleweed see Ranunculaceae Family

Japanese thrush see Turdidae Family

Japanese toad lily see Liliaceae Family

Japanese torreya see Taxaceae Family

Japanese trout lily see Liliaceae Family

Japanese turtlehead see Lamiaceae Family

Japanese wagtail see Motacillidae Family

Japanese wax tree see Anacardiaceae Family

Japanese waxwing see Bombycillidae Family

Japanese whitebark magnolia see Magnoliaceae Family

Japanese white-eye see Zosteropidae Family

Japanese winterberry see Aquifoliaceae Family

Japanese wintergreen see Ericaceae Family

Japanese wisteria see Fabaceae Family

Japanese witch-hazel see Hamamelidaceae Family

Japanese woodpecker see Picidae Family

Japanese wood-pigeon see Columbidae Family

Japanese yam see Dioscoreaceae Family

Japanese-lantern see Solanaceae Family

Japanese-pepper see Rubiaceae Family

Jasmine see Oleaceae Family

Java sparrow see Estrildidae Family

Jay see Corvidae Family

Job's tears see Poaceae Family

Jonquil see Amaryllidaceae Family

Jungle nightjar see Caprimulgidae Family

Kadsura see Schisandraceae Family

Kamchatka globeflower see Ranunculaceae Family

Kamchatka lily see Liliaceae Family

Kerria see Rosaceae Family

Kestrel see Falconidae Family

Kingfisher see Alcedinidae Family

Knotweed see Polygonaceae Family

Kobus magnolia see Magnoliaceae Family

Korean azalea see Ericaceae Family

Korean pine see Pinaceae Family

Kudzu see Fabaceae Family

Kumquat see Rutaceae Family

Lady Amherst's pheasant see Phasianidae Family

Lapwing see Charadriidae Family

Large-billed crow see Corvidae Family

Lark see Alaudidae Family

Laughingthrush see Timaliidae Family

Laurel see Cornaceae Family

Least water-lily see Nymphaeaceae Family

Leiothrix see Timaliidae Family

Leopard plant see Asteraceae Family

Lespedeza see Fabaceae Family

Lesser cuckoo see Cuculidae Family

Lidth's jay see Corvidae Family

Light-vented bulbul see Pycnonotidae Family

Lily see Liliaceae Family

Lily-of-the-valley see Liliaceae Family

Lilytree see Magnoliaceae Family

Lilyturf see Liliaceae Family

Linden viburnum see Caprifoliaceae Family

Little grebe see Podicipedidae Family

Little ringed plover see Charadriidae Family

Live-forever see Crassulaceae Family

Lobelia see Campanulaceae Family

Long-tailed finch see Estrildidae Family

Long-tailed rosefinch see Fringillidae Family

Long-tailed tit see Aegithalidae Family

Long-tailed widowbird see Ploceidae Family

Loquat see Rosaceae Family

Lorikeet see Psittacidae Family

Lory see Psittacidae Family

Lotus see Nelumbonaceae Family

Love-in-the-mist see Ranunculaceae Family

Lychee see Sapindaceae  Family

Lyreleaf nightshade see Solanaceae Family

Macaw see Psittacidae Family

Magnificent bird-of-paradise see Paradisaeidae Family

Magnolia see Magnoliaceae Family

Magpie robin see Muscicapidae Family

Magpie see Corvidae Family

Maidenhair-tree see Ginkgoaceae Family

Mallard duck see Anatidae Family

Mallow see Malvaceae Family

Mandarin duck see Anatidae Family

Mandarin orange see Rutaceae Family

Mangrove see Rhizophoraceae Family

Maple see Aceraceae Family

Marigold see Asteraceae Family

Marlberry see Myrsinaceae Family

Marsh marigold see Ranunculaceae Family

Martin see Hirundinidae Family

Marvel-of-Peru see Nyctaginaceae Family

Masked laughingthrush see Timaliidae Family

Meadow bunting see Emberizidae Family

Meadow grass see Poaceae Family

Mealy amazon see Psittacidae Family

Melon see Cucurbitaceae Family

Metternich's rhododendron see Ericacceae Family

Middendorff's warbler see Sylviidae Family

Milk-vetch see Fabaceae Family

Millet see Poaceae Family

Minivet see Campephagidae Family

Mock strawberry see Rosaceae Family

Mohl's dendrobium see Orchidaceae Family

Mongolian plover see Charadriidae Family

Monkshood see Ranunculaceae Family

Monochoria see Pontederiaceae Family

Moonflower see Convolvulaceae Family

Moorhen see Rallidae Family

Morning-glory see Convolvulaceae Family

Morning-star lily see Liliaceae Family

Moth orchid see Orchidaceae Family

Mountain bamboo-partridge see Phasianidae Family

Mugimaki flycatcher see Muscicapidae Family

Mulberry see Moraceae Family

Munia see Estrildidae Family

Muscovy duck see Anatidae Family

Mustard see Brassicaceae Family

Myna see Sturnidae Family

Nago orchid see Orchidaceae Family

Narcissus flycatcher see Muscicapidae Family

Narcissus see Amaryllidaceae Family

Nicobar pigeon see Columbidae Family

Night-heron see Ardeidae Family

Nightjar see Caprimulgidae Family

Nightshade see Solanaceae Family

Northern cardinal see Cardinalidae Family

Northern cassowary see Casuariidae Family

Northern goshawk see Accipitridae Family

Northern lapwing see Charadriidae Family

Nuthatch see Sittidae Family

Oak see Fagaceae Family

Ochre-rumped bunting see Emberizidae Family

Oleander see Apocynaceae Family

Olive-backed pipit see Motacillidae Family

Olive-backed sunbird see Nectariniidae Family

Onion see Liliaceae Family

Opium poppy see Papaveraceae Family

Orange day-lily see Hemerocallidaceae Family

Orange see Rutaceae Family

Orchid see Orchidaceae Family

Oriental greenfinch see Fringillidae Family

Oriental magpie robin see Muscicapidae Family

Oriental reed warbler see Sylviidae Family

Oriental stork see Ciconiidae Family

Oriental turtle-dove see Columbidae Family

Oriole see Oriolidae Family

Osmanthus see Oleaceae Family

Owl see Strigidae Family

Oyama magnolia see Magnoliaceae Family

Painted-snipe see Rostratulidae Family

Painter's palette see Polygonaceae Family

Pallas' sandgrouse see Pteroclidae Family

Pansy see Violaceae Family

Papoose root see Berberidaceae Family

Paradise-flycatcher see Monarchidae

Parakeet auklet see Alcidae Family

Parakeet see Psittacidae Family

Parasol tree see Sterculiaceae Family

Parrot see Psittacidae Family

Parrotfinch see Estrildidae Family

Passionflower see Passifloraceae Family

Patrinia see Valerianaceae Family

Pea see Fabaceae Family

Peach see Rosaceae Family

Peacock see Phasianidae Family

Peafowl see Phasianidae Family

Pear see Rosaceae Family

Pelican see Pelecanidae Family

Peony see Paeoniaceae Family

Pepper see Piperaceae Family

Pepper tree see Rutaceae Family

Peregrine falcon see Falconidae Family

Persimmon see Ebenaceae Family

Pheasant see Phasianidae Family

Pheasant's eye see Ranunculaceae Family

Phoenix see Phasianidae Family

Pigeon see Columbidae Family

Pine bunting see Emberizidae Family

Pine see Pinaceae Family

Pink see Caryophyllaceae Family

Pin-tailed parrotfinch see Estrildidae Family

Pipewort see Eriocaulaceae Family

Pipit see Motacillidae Family

Plantain lily see Hostaceae Family

Plantain see Plantaginaceae Family

Plover see Charadriidae Family

Plum see Rosaceae Family

Pomegranate see Lythraceae Family

Poppy see Papaveraceae Family

Porcelain-berry see Vitaceae Family

Pot marigold see Asteraceae Family

Primrose see Primulaceae Family

Princess tree see Bignoniaceae Family

Privet see Oleaceae Family

Ptarmigan see Tetraonidae Family

Purple magnolia see Magnoliaceae Family

Purple moonflower see Convolvulaceae Family

Purple swamphen see Rallidae Family

Pygmy water-lily see Nymphaeaceae Family

Pygmy woodpecker see Picidae Family

Quail see Phasianidae Family

Quince see Rosaceae Family

Radish see Brassicaceae Family

Ragged-robin see Caryophyllaceae  Family

Rail see Rallidae Family

Rainbow lorikeet see Psittacidae Family

Rangoon creeper see Combretaceae Family

Rape see Brassicaceae Family

Raspberry see Rosaceae Family

Red avadavat see Estrildidae Family

Red collared-dove see Columbidae Family

Red crossbill see Fringillidae Family

Red grass see Poaceae Family

Red raspberry see Rosaceae Famly

Red spider-lily see Amaryllidaceae Family

Red-billed chough see Corvidae Family

Red-billed leiothrix see Timaliidae Family

Red-breasted parakeet see Psittacidae Family

Redbud see Fabaceae Family

Red-crowned crane see Gruidae Family

Red-flanked bluetail see Muscicapidae Family

Redpoll see Fringillidae Family

Red-rumped swallow see Hirundinidae Family

Redstart see Muscicapidae Family

Red-throated pipit see Motacillidae Family

Red-whiskered bulbul see Pycnonotidae Family

Reed bunting see Emberizidae Family

Reed see Poaceae Family

Reedling see Paradoxornithidae Family

Rhododendron see Ericaceae Family

Rice see Poaceae Family

Ring-necked pheasant see Phasianidae Family

Robin see Muscicapidae Family

Rock dove see Columbidae Family

Rock ptarmigan see Tetraonidae Family

Rock-thrush see Turdidae Family

Roof iris see Iridaceae Family

Rook see Corvidae Family

Rooster see Phasianidae Family

Rose balsam see Balsaminaceae Family

Rose see Rosaceae Family

Rosefinch see Fringillidae Family

Rosella see Psittacidae Family

Rose-of-sharon see Malvaceae Family

Rowan see Rosaceae Family

Rubythroat see Muscicapidae Family

Ruddy kingfisher see Alcedinidae Family

Ruddy-breasted crake see Rallidae Family

Rufous hummingbird see Trochilidae Family

Rufous-tailed robin see Muscicapidae Family

Rugosa rose see Rosaceae Family

Rush see Juncaceae Family

Russet sparrow see Passeridae Family

Rustic bunting see Emberizidae Family

Ryūkyū robin see Muscicapidae Family



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