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Sacred lily see Convallariaceae Family

Sacred lotus see Nelumbonaceae Family

Safflower see Asteraceae Family

Sand pear see Rosaceae Family

Sandgrouse see Pteroclidae Family

Sandpiper see Scolopacidae Family

Sasanqua camellia see Theaceae Family

Satsuki azalea see Ericaceae Family

Saxifrage see Saxifragaceae Family

Scabious patrinia see Valerianaceae Family

Scabrous gentian see Gentianaceae Family

Scaly thrush see Turdidae Family

Scarlet macaw see Psittacidae Family

Scarlet mallow see Sterculiaceae Family

Scarlet rose mallow see Malvaceae Family

Schisandra see Schisandraceae Family

Scops owl see Strigidae Family

Sea bindweed see Convolvulaceae Family

Sea hibiscus see Malvaceae Family

Sea-eagle see Accipitridae Family

Sedge see Cyperaceae Family

Sensitive fern see Woodsiaceae

Sensitive-plant see Fabaceae Family

Serpent gourd see Cucurbitaceae Family

Shallow-flower see Iridaceae Family

Shepherd's purse see Brassicaceae Family

Short-eared owl see Strigidae Family

Showy Japanese lily see Liliaceae Family

Shrike see Laniidae Family

Siamese fireback see Phasianidae Family

Siberian blue robin see Muscicapidae Family

Siberian flycatcher see Muscicapidae Family

Siberian rubythroat see Muscicapidae Family

Siberian stonechat see Muscicapidae Family

Siberian thrush see Turdidae Family

Siebold's spindle see Celastraceae Family

Silktree see Fabaceae Family

Silver grass see Poaceae Family

Silver pheasant see Phasianidae Family

Silvervine see Actinidiaceae Family

Siskin see Fringillidae Family

Skunk-cabbage see Araceae Family

Skunkvine see Rubiaceae Family

Sky lark see Alaudidae Family

Smilax see Smilacaceae Family

Snake gourd see Cucurbitaceae Family

Snake vine see Menispermaceae Family

Snipe see Scolopacidae Family

Snow goose see Anatidae Family

Snowcock see Phasianidae Family

Snowparsley see Apiaceae Family

Snowrose see Rubiaceae Family

Snowy owl see Strigidae Family

Snowy plover see Charadriidae Family

Solomon's-seal see Liliaceae Family

Soybean see Fabaceae Family

Spanish-broom see Fabaceae Family

Sparrow see Passeridae Family

Sparrowhawk see Accipitridae Family

Speedwell see Scrophulariaceae Family

Spider-lily see Amaryllidaceae Family

Spike tail see Stachyuraceae Family

Spindletree see Celastraceae Family

Spiraea see Rosaceae Family

Spoonbill see Threskiornithidae Family

Spot-billed pelican see Pelecanidae Family

Spotted dove see Columbidae Family

St. Johnswort see Hypericaceae Family

Starling see Sturnidae Family

Staunton vine see Lardizabalaceae Family

Stewartia see Theaceae Family

Stock see Brassicaceae Family

Stonechat see Muscicapidae Family

Stork see Ciconiidae Family

Strawberry see Rosaceae Family

Straw-tailed whydah see Viduidae Family

Striated laughingthrush see Timaliidae Family

Stubtail see Sylviidae Family

Styrax see Styracaceae Family

Sunbird see Nectariniidae Family

Sunflower see Asteraceae Family

Sunset hibiscus see Malvaceae Family

Swallow see Hirundinidae Family

Swamphen see Rallidae Family

Swan see Anatidae Family

Sweet corn see Poaceae Family

Sweet osmanthus see Oleaceae Family

Sweet pea see Fabaceae Family

Sweet-flag see Acoraceae Family

Sword bean see Fabaceae Family

Tea see Theaceae Family

Teal see Anatidae Family

Thimbleweed see Ranunculaceae Family

Thistle see Asteraceae Family

Threeleaf akebia see Lardizabalaceae Family

Thrush see Turdidae Family

Thunberg's geranium see Geraniaceae Family

Tiger lily see Liliaceae Family

Tiger shrike see Laniidae Family

Tit see Paridae Family

Todok see Campanulaceae Family

Torch azalea see Ericaceae Family

Toringa crabapple see Rosaceae Family

Torreya see Taxaceae Family

Tragopan see Phasianidae Family

Tree cotton see Malvaceae Family

Tree peony see Paeoniaceae Family

Trout lily see Liliaceae Family

Trumpet honeysuckle see Caprifoliaceae Family

Trumpet lily see Liliaceae Family

Trumpet-creeper see Bignoniaceae Family

Tufted duck see Anatidae Family

Tulip see Liliaceae Family

Turkey see Meleagrididae Family

Turtle-dove see Columbidae Family

Turtlehead see Lamiaceae Family

Ural owl see Strigidae Family

Varied tit see Paridae Family

Vetch see Fabaceae Family

Viburnum see Caprifoliaceae Family

Violet see Violaceae Family

Wagtail see Motacillidae Family

Warbler see Sylviidae Family

Water chestnut see Trapaceae Family

Water pipit see Motacillidae Family

Water rail see Rallidae Family

Water-lily see Nymphaeaceae Family

Water-snowflake see Menyanthaceae Family

Wax tree see Anacardiaceae Family

Waxbill see Estrildidae Family

Waxwing see Bombycillidae Family

Weeping forsythia see Oleaceae Family

White wagtail see Motacillidae Family

White-backed woodpecker see Picidae Family

White-bellied pigeon see Columbidae Family

White-cheeked starling see Sturnidae Family

White-eye see Zosteropidae Family

White-headed bulbul see Pycnonotidae Family

White-headed munia see Estrildidae Family

White-naped crane see Gruidae family

White-rumped munia see Estrildidae Family

White-shouldered starling see Sturnidae Family

White-tailed rubythroat see Muscicapidae Family

White-winged widowbird see Ploceidae Family

Whooper swan see Anatidae Family

Whydah see Viduidae Family

Wigeon see Anatidae Family

Widowbird see Ploceidae Family

Wild oat see Poaceae Family

Willow see Salicaceae Family

Willow tit see Paridae Family

Wind orchid see Orchidaceae Family

Winged spindletree see Celastraceae Family

Winter daphne see Thymelaeaceae Family

Winter jasmine see Oleaceae Famly

Winter wren see Troglodytidae Family

Winterberry see Aquifoliaceae Family

Wintergreen see Ericaceae Family

Wintersweet see Calycanthaceae Family

Wire grass see Poaceae Family

Wisteria see Fabaceae Family

Witch-hazel see Hamamelidaceae Family

Woodpecker see Picidae Family

Wood-pigeon see Columbidae Family

Wood-sorrel see Oxalidaceae Family

Wren see Troglodytidae Family

Wryneck see Picidae Family

Yellow bittern see Ardeidae Family

Yellow bunting see Emberizidae Family

Yellow flag see Iridaceae Family

Yellow floating-heart see Menyanthaceae Family

Yellow wagtail see Motacillidae Family

Yellow-bibbed lory see Psittacidae Family

Yellow-breasted bunting see Emberizidae Family

Yellow-breasted magpie see Corvidae Family

Yellow-crested cockatoo see Cacatuidae Family

Yellowhammer see Emberizidae Family

Yellow-throated bunting see Emberizidae Family

Zebra finch see Estrldidae Family

Zitting cisticola see Cisticolidae Family



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