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Published by the Reader Collection, Ontario Canada, 2014,

ISBN 978-0-9937035-0-8



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additional reading

artist name: English

artist name: Japanese

artist name: kanji

artist: information

bird art: purpose

bird name: common

bird name: common + scientific

bird name: Japanese

bird name: kanji

bird name: scientific

bird: choice

bird: economic value

bird: geographic origin

bird: popularity

bird: symbolism

economic value: bird

economic value: flower

flower art: purpose

flower name: common

flower name: common + scientific

flower name: Japanese

flower name: kanji

flower name: scientific

flower: choice

flower: economic value

flower: geographic origin

flower: popularity

flower: symbolism

geographic origin: bird

geographic origin: flower

Kanō style

Maruyama-Shijō style

Nagasaki style

name: artists

name: bird

name: flower

nanga style

nihonga style

philosophy of art: east versus west

popularity: bird

popularity: flower

rinpa style

sōsaku hanga style

style: east versus west

style: eight schools

style: Kanō

style: Maruyama - Shijō

style: Nagasaki

style: nanga

style: nihonga

style: rinpa

style: sōsaku hanga

style: ukiyo-e

symbolism: bird

symbolism: flower

ukiyo-e style

woodblock printing



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