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Appendix 3 - The common names of flower and bird species are listed alphabetically below. Click on the scientific Family name to go to that Family in Chapter 2-4 for flowers or Chapter 2-5 for birds.


Accentor see Prunellidae Family

African blue-flycatcher see Monarchidae Family

Akebia see Lardizabalaceae Family

Alder see Betulaceae Family

Alexandrine parakeet see Psittacidae Family

Alpine accentor see Prunellidae Family

Amaranthus see Amaranthaceae Family

Amsonia see Apocynaceae Family

Amur falcon see Falconidae Family

Amur silver grass see Poaceae Family

Andromeda see Ericaceae Family

Anemone see Ranunculaceae Family

Annual meadow grass see Poaceae Family

Apple see Rosaceae Family

Apricot see Rosaceae Family

Ardisia see Myrsinaceae Family

Argus see Phasianidae Family

Arrowhead see Alismataceae Family

Ashy minivet see Campephagidae Family

Asian fairy-bluebird see Irenidae Family

Asian martin see Hirundinidae Family

Asian plantain see Plantaginaceae Family

Asian skunk-cabbage see Araceae Family

Asian stubtail see Sylviidae Family

Asiatic dayflower see Commelinaceae Family

Asphodel see Nartheciaceae Family

Aster see Asteraceae Family

Auklet see Alcidae Family

Avadavat see Estrildidae Family

Azalea see Ericaceae Family

Azure-winged magpie see Corvidae Family

Babbler see Timaliidae Family

Bachelor's button see Asteraceae Family

Baillonís crake see Rallidae Family

Balloon flower see Campanulaceae Family

Balsam see Balsaminaceae Family

Balsam-apple see Cucurbitaceae Family

Bamboo lily see Liliaceae Family

Bamboo-partridge see Phasianidae Family

Banana see Musaceae Family

Barley see Poaceae Family

Barn swallow see Hirundinidae Family

Barnyard grass see Poaceae Family

Bean see Fabaceae Family

Bearded reedling see Paradoxornithidae Family

Beautyberry see Verbenaceae Family

Bedstraw see Rubiaceae Family

Beech see Fagaceae Family

Begonia see Begoniaceae Family

Bergenia see Saxifragaceae Family

Bigleaf hydrangea see Hydrangeaceae Family

Bindweed see Convolvulaceae Family

Bird-of-paradise see Paradisaeidae Family

Bitter orange see Rutaceae Family

Bittern see Ardeidae Family

Bittersweet see Celastraceae Family

Black bulbul see Pycnonotidae Family

Black kite see Accipitridae Family

Black pepper see Piperaceae Family

Blackberry-lily see Iridaceae Family

Black-billed magpie see Corvidae Family

Black-crowned night-heron see Ardeidae Family

Black-faced bunting see Emberizidae Family

Black-headed gull see Laridae Family

Black-headed ibis see Threskiornithidae Family

Black-headed munia see Estrildidae Family

Black-naped oriole see Oriolidae Family

Black-pod vetch see Fabaceae Family

Black-throated laughingthrush see Timaliidae Family

Black-throated sunbird see Nectariniidae Family

Blakiston's fish-owl see Strigidae Family

Bleeding heart see Papaveraceae Family

Bleeding-heart-vine see Verbenaceae Family

Blood red iris see Iridaceae Family

Blue bird-of-paradise see Paradisaeidae Family

Blue magpie see Corvidae Family

Blue passionflower see Passifloraceae Family

Blue rock-thrush see Turdidae Family

Blue-and-white flycatcher see Muscicapidae Family

Blue-crowned hanging-parrot see Psittacidae Family

Blue-flycatcher see Monarchidae Family

Bluetail see Muscicapidae Family

Bog asphodel see Nartheciaceae Family

Bohemian waxwing see Bombycillidae Family

Border privet see Oleaceae Family

Bottle gourd see Cucurbitaceae Family

Bramble-of-the-cape see Rosaceae Family

Brambling see Fringillidae Family

Bright blue speedwell see Scrophulariaceae Family

Bristle grass see Poaceae Family

Broussonetia see Moraceae Family

Brown dipper see Cinclidae Family

Brown hawk-owl see Strigidae Family

Brown-eared bulbul see Pycnonotidae Family

Brown-headed thrush see Turdidae Family

Buckwheat see Polygonaceae Family

Budgerigar see Psittacidae Family

Bugloss see Boraginaceae Family

Bulbul see Pycnonotidae Family

Bullfinch see Fringillidae Family

Bull-headed shrike see Laniidae Family

Bulrush see Cyperaceae Family

Bunchberry see Cornaceae Family

Bunchflower daffodil see Amaryllidaceae Family

Bunting see Emberizidae Family

Bur reed see Sparganiaceae Family

Burmese mangrove see Rhizophoraceae Family

Burnet see Rosaceae Family

Bush-clover see Fabaceae Family

Bush-warbler see Sylviidae Family

Busy lizzie see Balsaminaceae Family

Butterbur see Asteraceae Family

Buttercup see Ranunculaceae Family

Butterfly-flower see Iridaceae Family

Cabot's tragopan see Phasianidae Family

Camellia see Theaceae Family

Canada goose see Anatidae Family

Canary see Fringillidae Family

Candelabra primrose see Primulaceae Family

Canna see Cannaceae Family

Cape-jessamine see Rubiaceae Family

Cardinal see Cardinalidae Family

Cassowary see Casuariidae Family

Catalpa see Bignoniaceae Family

Catchfly see Caryophyllaceae Family

Cattail see Typhaceae Family

Cattleya orchid see Orchidaceae Family

Cedar see Taxodiaceae Family

Chattering lory see Psittacidae Family

Cherokee rose see Rosaceae Family

Cherry elaeagnus see Elaeagnaceae Family

Cherry see Rosaceae Family

Chestnut bunting see Emberizidae Family

Chestnut see Fagaceae Family

Chestnut-breasted munia see Estrildidae Family

Chestnut-cheeked starling see Sturnidae Family

Chestnut-eared bunting see Emberizidae Family

Chicken see Phasianidae Family

Chickweed see Primulaceae Family

Chickweed wintergreen see Primulaceae Family

China pink see Caryophyllaceae Family

China rose see Rosaceae Family

China tea see Theaceae Family

Chinaberry see Meliaceae Family

Chinese amaranth see Amaranthaceae Family

Chinese arrowhead see Alismataceae Family

Chinese catalpa see Bignoniaceae Family

Chinese cucumber see Cucurbitaceae Family

Chinese eupatorium see Asteraceae Family

Chinese francolin see Phasianidae Family

Chinese ground orchid see Orchidaceae Family

Chinese hawthorn see Rosaceae Family

Chinese hibiscus see Malvaceae Family

Chinese milk-vetch see Fabaceae Family

Chinese parasol tree see Sterculiaceae Family

Chinese quince see Rosaceae Family

Chinese redbud see Fabaceae Family

Chinese smilax see Smilacaceae Family

Chinese St. Johnswort see Hypericaceae Family

Chinese trumpet-creeper see Bignoniaceae Family

Chinquapin see Fagaceae Family

Chough see Corvidae Family

Chrysanthemum see Asteraceae Family

Chulan tree see Chloranthaceae Family

Cirl bunting see Emberizidae Family

Cisticola see Cisticolidae Family

Clematis see Ranunculaceae Family

Climbing hydrangea see Hydrangeaceae Family

Coal tit see Paridae Family

Cockatiel see Psittacidae Family

Cockatoo see Cacatuidae Family

Cockscomb see Amaranthaceae Family

Collared-dove see Columbidae Family

Columbine see Ranunculaceae Family

Common cattail see Typhaceae Family

Common crane see Gruidae Family

Common cuckoo see Cuculidae Family

Common garden peony see Paeoniaceae Family

Common hill myna see Sturnidae Family

Common kingfisher see Alcedinidae Family

Common moorhen see Rallidae Family

Common redpoll see Fringillidae Family

Common reed see Poaceae Family

Common snipe see Scolopacidae Family

Copper pheasant see Phasianidae Family

Cormorant see Phalacrocoracidae Family

Corn poppy see Papaveraceae Family

Corn see Poaceae Family

Cosmos see Asteraceae Family

Cotton see Malvaceae Family

Cotton-rose see Malvaceae Family

Cow vetch see Fabaceae Family

Cowberry see Ericaceae Family

Cowslip see Primulaceae Family

Crabapple see Rosaceae Family

Crake see Rallidae Family

Crane see Gruidae Family

Crape myrtle see Lythraceae Family

Creeper see Vitaceae Family

Creeping saxifrage see Saxifragaceae Family

Creeping wood-sorrel see Oxalidaceae Family

Crested argus see Phasianidae Family

Crested ibis see Threskiornithidae Family

Crested kingfisher see Alcedinidae Family

Crested myna see Sturnidae Family

Crimson rosella see Psittacidae Family

Crossbill see Fringillidae Family

Crow see Corvidae Family

Crown daisy see Asteraceae Family

Cuckoo see Cuculidae Family

Cucumber see Cucurbitaceae Family

Cudweed see Asteraceae Family

Cut-throat see Estrildidae Family

Cymbidium see Orchidaceae Family

Cypress vine see Convolvulaceae Family

Daffodil see Amaryllidaceae Family

Dahlia see Asteraceae Family

Daimyo oak see Fagaceae Family

Daisy see Asteraceae Family

Dandelion see Asteraceae Family

Daphne see Thymelaeaceae Family

Darter see Anhingidae Family

Daurian redstart see Muscicapidae Family

Daurian starling see Sturnidae Family

Dayflower see Commelinaceae Family

Day-lily see Hemerocallidaceae Family

Dendrobium see Orchidaceae Family

Deutzia see Hydrangeaceae Family

Dipper see Cinclidae Family

Dishrag gourd see Cucurbitaceae Family

Dodder see Convolvulaceae Family

Dogwood see Cornaceae Family

Dollarbird see Coraciidae Family

Domestic fowl see Phasianidae Family

Domestic goose see Anatidae Family

Dove see Columbidae Family

Duck see Anatidae Family

Duck-lettuce see Hydrocharitaceae Family

Dusky thrush see Turdidae Family

Eagle see Accipitridae Family

Eagle-owl see Strigidae Family

Eclectus parrot see Psittacidae Family

Eggplant see Solanaceae Family

Egret orchid see Orchidaceae Family

Egret see Ardeidae Family

Elaeagnus see Elaeagnaceae Family

Emerald dove see Columbidae Family

Enkianthus see Ericaceae Family

Etrog see Rutaceae Family

Eulalia see Poaceae Family

Eupatorium see Asteraceae Family

Eurasian bullfinch see Fringillidae Family

Eurasian collared-dove see Columbidae Family

Eurasian eagle-owl see Strigidae Family

Eurasian hoopoe see Upupidae Family

Eurasian jay see Corvidae Family

Eurasian kestrel see Falconidae Family

Eurasian nuthatch see Sittidae Family

Eurasian siskin see Fringillidae Family

Eurasian spoonbill see Threskiornithidae Family

Eurasian tree sparrow see Passeridae Family

Eurasian widgeon see Anatidae Family

Eurasian woodcock see Scolopacidae Family

Eurasian wryneck see Picidae Family

European robin see Muscicapidae Family

Eurya see Theaceae Family



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