Reader Collection of Japanese Flower and Bird Art


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  Guide cover

Guide to
Japanese Woodblock Prints
of Flowers and Birds

Unique features of far-eastern art make it both appealing and puzzling to western viewers. This book is a guide to the subjects, styles and artists of one type of far-eastern art, namely Japanese woodblock prints of flowers and birds.

For about three hundred years Japanese artists have made pictures of flowers and birds by carving their images onto a block of wood, inking the carved surface and applying paper to the inked surface. The flowers, birds and artistic styles chosen by artists during this three hundred year period are identified and described with the help of pictures and the results of a quantitative analysis of picture characteristics. The artists’ choice of species and style was affected by prevailing social conditions, cultural traditions and foreign artistic influences. These effects are explained to make flower-bird prints less puzzling.   

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Flowers and Birds
Chapter 2.4 - Flower Species' Descriptions
Chapter 2.5 - Bird Species' Descriptions
Chapter 3 - Styles 1-2
Chapter 3 - Styles 3-5
Chapter 3 - Styles 6-8
Chapter 4 - Artists, Editors and Publishers
Chapter 5 - Appendix 1
Chapter 5 - Appendix 2
Chapter 5 - Appendix 3
Chapter 6 - Bibliography
  History cover

History of Japanese Art :
Bird Prints

Birds have been depicted in Japanese printed art for about three hundred years. During this time the characteristics of these bird prints have changed greatly in response to changing social conditions. In this book changes to print

format, composition, bird subject, accuracy of depiction and printing method are each described and interpreted using over two hundred examples of prints made by more than one hundred and fifty Japanese artists.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Ukiyo-e Bird Prints
Chapter 2 - Ukiyo-e Notable Artists
Chapter 3 - Shin Hanga Bird Prints
Chapter 3 - Shin Hanga Notable Artists
Chapter 4 - Gendai Bird Prints
Chapter 4 - Gendai Notable Artists
Chapter 5 - Appendix 1: Ukiyo-e Bird Print Artists
Chapter 5 - Appendix 2: Shin Hanga Bird Print Artists
Chapter 5 - Appendix 3a: Gendai Bird Print Artists A-M
Chapter 5 - Appendix 3b: Gendai Bird Print Artists N-Z
Chapter 6 - Bibliography