Reader Collection of Japanese Flower and Bird Art


Who is "Reader"?

    Richard J. Reader

"Reader" is the surname of the collection’s owner – Richard J. Reader. He is a retired Canadian university professor who now spends his time studying and collecting art.

Why does he collect flower-and-bird art?

Richard has been interested in flowers and birds since he was a teenager. Their diverse shapes and sizes, along with their bright colors, made them interesting to study. This initial interest led to a career as a biology professor. Later in life he found pictures of flowers and birds drawn by artists to be equally interesting, especially when artists used their imagination to create new versions of familiar species. Collecting flower-and-bird art became his passion after retiring from university life.

Why Japanese?

The quantity and stylistic diversity of Japanese flower-and-bird art is far greater than that of any other country. These two features drew Richard to Japanese flower-and-bird art in general and to Japanese flower-and-bird prints in particular because prints are the most plentiful and diverse form of Japanese graphic art. Prints are sold not only individually, like paintings, but also as sets in picture books.

When and how was the Collection assembled?

Most of Richard’s Japanese flower-and-bird prints, paintings and picture books have been purchased during the internet age (i.e., since mid-1990s). The internet made it possible to locate and purchase Japanese art from dealers and others around the world.

Why make this website?

The internet made it possible not only to easily purchase art but also to share information about art. Most internet information about Japanese flower-and-bird art is, understandably, found on Japanese websites and written in Japanese. This website was made to describe and explain the genre of Japanese flower-and-bird art to an English-speaking audience.