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1. To search for specific pictures, or to find the name of an unknown flower, fruit, bird or artist, first choose the appropriate search word(s) from the following table.


Allowable Search Word(s)

Collection Name:


Picture Subject:

flower or bird or flower bird

Species Name:

common or scientific name (Family or Genus or Species) of the species of interest

Flower/fruit names

Bird names

Picture Medium:

print or picture book or shikishi or scroll

Printing Method:

woodblock or screenprint or lithograph or intaglio or digital

Artist Name

artist's first or last name

Artist names

Artistic Style:

kano or ukiyo or rinpa or nagasaki or nanga or maruyama or shijo or sosaku or modern

2. Then click here to open the Reader Collection page at where more than 35,000 Japanese flower-bird pictures are stored.

3. Type your search word(s) into the gray box near the top right corner of the page and press the enter button on your keyboard to start the search. To restrict your search to pictures in the Reader Collection you must type readercollection as one of your search words.

4. Finally, click on a picture to enlarge it and scroll down for information about it.